Lengyel / Mavrak / Jackovics production 

unity, hope, harmony 

"The wise man belongs to all countries, for the home of the great soul is the whole world." 

                                                                    ~ Democritus 


Artists can make bigger differences in the world than we might imagine. High art, culture and ethnic traditions are very powerful. Together we can bring unity and inspire many who will not only find hope, but also go on inspire others. 

We are all different, and finding the beauty in our diversity might lead us to a better understanding and greater respect toward one and other, both on an individual level and on a grater scale. 

artists of today meet artists of tomorrow 

While the gala series is proud to work with amazing professionals, it is also proud to give opportunities to young and upcoming talents who will shape the culture of our future. 

About the hungarian Connection gala series 

The gala series was founded by Alexa Lengyel in 2014 with the help of Co-founder, Mr. Thomas Jackovics. The production has made an impression, gaining recognition from the Ambassador of Hungary and the Russian American Media.  Among other world renowned artists Hungarian Connection welcomed Mr. Bela Mavrak - Star Tenor of Andre Rieu,  and continues to expand giving hope and brining unity.